Thursday, September 17, 2009

Skill Training Update

I purchased a Widow Black Ops battleship before the TNT fiasco so my current skill traing objective is to be able to use it well. For that I've been working on Astrometrics V skill which finally finished this morning after a 12 day slog. Now I have to train only two skills, Black Ops up to IV and Jump Portal Generation to IV, a 21 day effort overall.

After that I am going to spend a week getting my Astrometric Acquisition and Pinpointing up to par at level IV for both, followed by some more effort into my Tengu training.

Meanwhile, Derranna has been continuing her crash course in weapons training starting with lots of levels in missile skills. She has got a lot of the support skills trained up to III and IV, and she is prepped for Rockets and Standard missiles right now, with Heavies and Heavy Assaults as soon as she buys the skill book. Her overall skill queue has about 35 days left on it and then she will sling missiles as good as a novice Caldari pilot as well as dropping bombs from her Hound stealth bomber.

After that, she'll start hitting the books hard for basic and advanced projectile training. My goal is someday to have her in a Maelstrom just because it looks cool.

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