Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cocky Never Pays Off

Three weeks ago I was talking about how the level 1 Epic Mission Arc was going and I've been continuing to run my little noob alt Kornielia through them (its easy to sit down for 10-15 minutes and run a quick mission). I came to a mission at the end of a mini-arc within the overall arc in which I was to catch a rogue drone plaguing Gallente and Caldari systems.

I was getting cocky, walking through missions fairly easily with my increasingly capable pilot. I warped into the mission and got a message that the drone escaped through the acceleration gate. I afterburned past the drones guarding and zoomed in the next room. Another gate, another message, and I turned on the afterburner again.

Except this time, there was webbing and scramming drones. Uh oh!

Needless to say, caught off guard and having aggro'd the whole room, I was unable to escape and I was put down hard.


Fortunately, I had enough ISK to get a new Rifter and outfit it again, this time upgrading the shield booster from civilian class to military.

I went back and with more prudence I cleared the rooms before chasing after my quarry, only to see it escape in a Mystery ship piloted by some NPC capsuleer. My agent was furious and I was dispatched back to Minmatar space to track down this guy who was supposed to be dead.

The Epic in the Epic Mission Arc is starting to show through. I figure I must be getting close to the end of the arc soon.


  1. I read the guide on it before I did it...and I ignored that room. You can fly around the outside of the room, not aggroing anything and jump without them ever knowing you are there :)

  2. I've been avoiding guides for these missions, prefering the surprise they may have over being super safe.