Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Request For Gank Falcon Setup

An old friend mentioned he had not seen my Gank Falcon setup on my blog since the changes so I told him I would post it today.

The concept is that this is a solo ship looking for cruisers or smaller (or inexperienced battlecruisers even) in belts in low sec or anywhere in null sec. Approach cloaked, get in range, uncloak, wait out the 6 or so second sensor reclaibration, lock with disruptor and web primed, jam, and start shooting. Use MWD to maintain range.

I know its not the best recon for the job but it is what I use and I have fun with it. The tank is the ECM and it can't handle more than one or two targets, but they never see you coming until you're ready as opposed to normal ships that can be seen on directional scanners.

Cheers Ryan!


  1. Could you share your experiences with using an ECM tank? I am curious to find out how reliable it works against frigate and cruiser hulls.

  2. I find that with four Racial ecm mods at strength 11.36 (3.79 off race) as it is with my skills and this setup that I can jam your typical cruiser about 90% of the time and a frigate almost all the time. It starts getting iffy with ECCM reinforced ships or big ships.

  3. Anonymous10:40 am

    Sorry bro IMO such abeast does not exist...use the rook instead...the falcon is nothing more thna apaper tiger now.

  4. Rook is fine and dandy unless you want to be sneaky. I like sneaky.

  5. I am not sure what you try now. Title says gang and build says solo. I will give you my opinion on both then.

    Gank and blasters usually do not go well together. I mean many will prolly disagree, but if we go roam with like +10 people, those who can apply damage first win. Blaster needs to get into range and that is usually minus in gangs.

    Just ECM tank is not really working. One needs buffer tank or you are dead meat in moment your jam cycle fails. This is for both solo and gang.

    Here is gang setup I use:

    Here is solo setup I would fly:

    Give it shot and ignore those who play Falcon down. Most of people are not able to think outside of Falcon box.

  6. PS: Bah. I think my eyes are tired. :) It was gank and not gang. ^^

  7. If I was you I would definitely be dropping one of those magstabs for a damage control and possibly one of the jammers for a LSE. At the very least put on a damage control or you'll make me cry.

    Have you considered trying an Arazu? You can fit a pretty hefty amount of gank and a big shield tank on them.

  8. Someday I'm going to train up Gallente T2 ships. There are a lot of them I want to fly like the Taranis, IShker, Ishtar (DROOL), and Arazu. And Deimos, Phobos, and Proteus. And Kronos. Oh, and Sin.

    Not the Thanatos though. Its sucky.

    I'll will consider dropping MFS for Damage Control next time I'm in my hanger. But I make no promises... I prefer to Fly Reckless *rimshot*

  9. X1376 I like those setups you've shared. Seems I will soon have two f. recons sitting in my hangar :)