Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pilot To Bombadier...


Last night Missile Bombardment V completed and I wasted no time in visiting my Manticore to slap that Bomb launcher on there and oooohhh and aaahhh at its awesomeness.

I plan to head to 0.0 some quiet weeknight and roam around looking for anything to drop a bomb on. Just for the insanity of it.


  1. hey bud, you've got the wrong torps loaded, drop in Kinetic torps for that extra OOMPH

    Btw, to give you an idea of the power of the Manticore, I've been nullsec ratting in mine for a couple of weeks now. Great fun!

  2. Right, I was focused on the bomb damage when I made the screenshot :)

  3. Mining ops just love to have energy nuet bombs dropped on them... or lock breaker bombs. Works great on friendly gate camps too :)

  4. I noticed that you labelled the setup as "0.0". Just wanted to say that I thought that was very clever. It says so much without getting into a long complicated name with some obscure shorthand.

    Looking forward to hearing the details of your madcap bombing exploits.

  5. Heh. You and I seem to have identical bomber flying skills. I plugged your fit in using my skills and all the numbers on the right were identical.

    Then I switched to Kinetic torps since that's what the ship's bonused for ;-)