Tuesday, August 04, 2009


In my update I neglected to talk about my main's training regime. How inconsiderate of me.

I've was working on the Dreadnought training and I'm almost finished. I simply need Caldari Dreadnought level IV and Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration level IV to complete it, and I've shelved that training for now as I don't have any dreadnought operations in the near future.

So instead I've decided to give Stealth Bombers a real try and currently I am training Missile Bombardment to level V so I can train Bomb Deployment. Then I plan to hit 0.0 and throw some bombs around for fun.

After the Bomber plan, I am going to finish up the Command ship training with three more levels in Command Ships itself to level IV and three more levels in Logistics to level IV so I can fly a Vulture. Then I might take a month and get my Tengu skills trained up for that end of the year Strategic Cruiser I intend to purchase. And I still want to get Triage mode for the Ninveah carrier, another month of training. And I have a lot of leadership skills that need updating. Not to mention a need to brush up my scanning skills for when I return to wormhole space (ah, someday...).

So basically a lot of small training plans for the rest of the year. Next large plan will be something in a non-Caldari flavour, just not sure which.

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