Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Blood Lust Rising...

I had a few minutes this morning before leaving to work so I jumped in the Gank Falcon and went hunting without the backup of Derranna, just looking for a quick kill if I was lucky.

Not much was to be found in the hour before downtime, but then I came across a Prophecy battlecruiser ratting in a belt.

"Hmmmm, could be tough," I thought to myself.

I checked the pilot info and saw he was less than 2 months old. An evil grin spread across my face and with adrenaline pumping I bookmarked a wreck beside him and warped off to bounce off a nearby planet. As I was warping back to the belt I killed the cloak and primed the tackle and weapons.

And he was gone. CRAP!

I quickly checked the nearby belts but no dice. Since it was soon downtime I figured he flew the coop for the day and I did the same.

Sooner or later my luck is going to change...

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