Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So I came into some extra money and while wandering the mall on the weekend I had an impulse purchase and bought the Eve retail box.

Lord knows I didn't need it but I wanted it for the collector's urge.

The little "manual" is cute in its attempt to convey the basic operation of the game (strong emphasis on attempt) but its nice to have an actual Eve disc.

The question was what to do with the game card. I had three choices: start another account and get the free special shuttle; add 60 days to one of my current accounts; or turn it into Pilot Extension Licences (PLEX) and sell for ISK.

The shuttle was tempting but I sure as hell didn't need another account to babysit. And my current accounts are paid up for months. So I turned them into PLEXs and sold them for a cool 750+ million ISK. I feel a little dirty.

In order to avoid bad karma I believe found money should be spent as quickly as possible. So should I buy a couple command ship and a Basilisk? Or a Widow?

Decisions decisions.


  1. PLEX complete doesn't fit with the "feel" of EVE.... seems so wrong.

  2. You mean the word or the concept?

  3. I'd say exotic dancers...you'll feel better.

  4. Anonymous2:23 pm

    I feel a little of what Andrew does. Selling even one PLEX would solve a host of my issues and allow me to concentrate more on the game itself, and yet...I have a deep seated feeling that its cheating somehow. I can't bring myself to do it.

    I'd say buy a command ship. They seem so expensive and niche its hard to justify buying them otherwise, and since this was an unexpected windfall, it would be harmonious to spend it in that way.

  5. 1- Get in game
    2- Type "Cozmik R5" in any chat window
    3- highlight and link "Character"
    4- Right-click and select "Give money"
    5- enter amount at your own discretion.

    My next ship will love you :)

  6. 1) Send alt to Jita
    2) Buy stuff
    3) Transport to 0.0
    4) Profit!

    Then buy the Ninveah a sister ship:)

  7. @Kirith:
    The concept of PLEX seems contrary to the nature of EVE. All the realistic economic systems, long term planning, and even the risk of being ganked are compromised by the ability to buy your way into the game with RL money.

    I'm not opposed to RMT at all - but it doesn't fit the EVE model IMO.