Friday, June 12, 2009

Greed Is Good

So the last 90 invulnerability field IIs went on the market and sold quickly for a boost of 190 million ISK to my wallet. With the module BPCs all run out it was time to get the rest of my industry localized to Minmatar space.

When we joined IRC last month I left my copy alts and all my BPOs and tech I BPCs cache down in Tash Murkon region. So last night I got Derranna in a good ship and went and retrieved them to my base in Heimatar. Then I took the four Prototype Cloaking Device BPCs and put them into a laboratory for Covert Ops Cloak invention (ready tomorrow evening), always a big money maker.

If I get some time, I'll also check out the profitability of the Widow and Vulture BPCs I have in the hanger. If they prove to still be in the red, I have lots of BPCs that need inventing:

(Click to embiggen)

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  1. Save up your pennies, that Phoenix is going to be expensive!