Monday, June 22, 2009


With the war against Red Alliance going well, I logged on Sunday night to find the alliance relaxing and no ops underway. Disappointed I checked with my corp mates to see what was up and if anyone needed help. After all, follow the motto: Do Things With People.

It was pretty quiet with only the two North American directors on. One was logging off, the other scouting around 0.0. Hmmmm, I thought, what should I do?

Then the scouting director asked if I could do him a favour. "But of course!" I responded. Turns out he was in a covert ops and found a good moon to set up a new POS at. He wanted to know if I could sneak a tower and fuel out to him. We compared notes and saw that my Prowler Blockade Runner with covert ops cloak could only carry 6600 m3 and the tower alone was 8000 m3. Not to be put off, I offered to setup a tech 1 Mammoth with prototype cloak and make the trip anyways. Not as safe, but it was a quiet night and I wanted to help.

I could only carry the tower and half the fuel, but determined to do this I set off with Kirith scouting in his Falcon while Derranna flew the Mammoth on a wing and a prayer. It was 11 jumps through 0.0 space but no hostiles were seen and I arrived at the destination to a flourish of trumpets and sexy dancing babes. Or maybe that was asteroids; I fear deep space fever is setting in.

I launched the tower and set it to anchor, then headed back to get the rest of the fuel. Again it was quiet both back to base and then back to the tower. Job complete, I turned around for base once more and docked up just as the tower came online.

"You did all the work so you get the honour of naming the tower," my director informed me.

"Call it.... Kirith's Closet. And don't come out of it."

Yes folks, I'm freaking hilarious. And I'm here all week.

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