Monday, June 29, 2009


Well, here I was going away for the weekend and the political situation in the Dronelands went from unstable to completely and utterly insane.

One of the major neighbours of Intrepid Crossing and Ethereal Dawn alliances is the Legion of xXDeathXx and its sister (pet?) alliance Shadow of xXDeathXx. For a long time they have been friendly to us and even though we had some reports of them aiding Red Alliance during the war, we continued to work toward keeping them allied with us, or at least neutral.

That ended Friday. They set us to red (i.e. hostile) and we reciprocated. The reasons are hazy; it was known that they were letting one of their stations act as a staging base for an upcoming Goonswarm action against us, and we have been accused of preparing to allow Atlas alliance base out of our stations to attack Legion of xXDeathXx space (although Atlas have respond they had no intention of doing so).

So not only are RA still providing resistance, we are now faced with a large alliance next door, Goons, and their related friends like Pandemic Legion and the Initiative. And anyone else with time to spare. And our list of allies is not as long and there are questions if they are even in a position to come help us if they wanted to.

In short, besieged on all sides. This could be an awesome death.


  1. dang it, I forgot which alliance you are with.

  2. Goodbye, friend.

    May you go down in a huge and flaming death!