Friday, June 26, 2009

Allergic To Bees

The Red Alliance have seemingly halted their failure cascade for now and seem to be settling into a siege mentality, abandoning vast swathes of space in order to defend with their last ships a small fortified section. Unfortunately for us in Ethereal Dawn and Intrepid Crossing, one of the more defensible stations they control is in Etherium Reach. So there is some pressure on our coalition to drive them out of there before they become too entrenched to evict before other factors get into play.

Speaking of other factors...

Having declared victory in the Great War (or second Great War as some have posited) the Goons appear to be looking for something to do to keep busy. So the war dec'd some people. Like IRC & ED, some other alliances, and heck, even the Hellcats:
- And just as I was about to log for the night (putting it loosely -- I've become noctournal) my mailbox flashed. You'll love this:
2009.06.26 03:54
GoonSwarm has declared war on Hellcats.
Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.
It seems the twenty of us are worth spending half a billion ISK on, just to give us a little attention. Considering the difference in numbers, we've got to be the luckiest gamer-girls in the world, but all this honey in one place was bound to draw a few bees ~_^ See you in the clone-vats, boys!
Go get 'em Shae and Mynxee! Hmmm, maybe I should slip back to Empire and see if I can form up in a fleet with the ladies and go Bee Hunting. But how would I ever resist the urge to target and shoot Mynxee? Decisions, decisions.


  1. It's something of a bizarre situation. Kinda wonder if they're trying to become the new Privateers, deccing everyone they can think of.

  2. LOL, Kirith. You make me smile. You can shoot at me later...let's go bee hunting!

  3. Honey is overrated anyway :) Oh, and don't forget to nuke !!! >:))

  4. Don't forget to bring back some sweet sweet honey for me!