Friday, May 01, 2009

Mineral Madness

Earlier this week I purchased the minerals required to build the Nightmare. At the time I thought I would be smart and save money by looking for cheaper sell orders in the Domain region instead of just buying at the Amarr Prime hub.

(I know, the irony of a guy training to save a few million after spending about 900 million on a ship for a role that can be done by an 80 million ISK ship is not lost on me.)

I only purchased from high sec station to save the hassle of going through low sec and fending off any pirates. After all, I needed over 7 million units of Tritanium and 2 million units of Pyrite so a quick run with the Blockade Runner was not going to cut it. However, when I planned my route to go pick the items up, I found a slight problem: my tritanium and my pyrite was each in a station in a high sec pocket isolated from the rest of high sec by low sec systems.


Fortunately this is where the Orca comes in handy. I threw one of my Prowlers into the Ship Maintanence Array of the Orca and flew it to the last high sec system before low sec. Then I used the Blockade Runner to scoot through low sec to the mineral stash several times to move it back to the Orca's waiting cargo bay.

I could have saved several trips by using the Mastadon Deep Space Transport with its built in warp core stabilizers, but I was concerned about running into a camp with a Heavy Interdictor or more than three points of scram in it. The DST ships are so slow to align and accelerate to warp that it would really only escape from the weakest of camps. I'd rather fly in the ship with the Covert Ops Cloak.

The stash of Pyrite I finished this morning, the larger stash of Tritanium will take longer and will have to wait for tonight (assuming the sick twins allow me free time).

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