Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Catch Me If You Can

Last night I finally had a decent session to sit down and log in. I fired up teamspeak and got to talking to one of the directors and finally got filled in on what was going on. I can't spill the beans yet as its not official but I can say that I will be in 0.0 again in the coming weeks. Finally!

While I was getting caught up I went to my local agent for a mission to try out the Nightmare and got a courier mission into low sec instead. Sigh. So I fit up a cheap Badger MKII and ran it while chatting. As I finished that up my director put out the call for anyone with a freighter that they are willing to risk in a low sec run.

My first instinct was of self preservation and self interest: take my 800+ million ISK ship into low sec for no personal gain? I know it sounds selfish but I didn't make my fortune by being cavilier with my assets. After my inital reaction, I considered the variables such as the fact that it was Monday night and Sukanan is usually quiet in that time frame, we had enough people for a decent escort fleet, and I had the time so I offered my Fenrir frieghter for the op.

Simply due to the slowness of the boat it took a full 90 minutes to got 3 jumps into low sec and 4 jumps back out stopping at two stations. I used Kirith in a Falcon as scout/escort and we also had a couple battleships (Rokh and Hyperion), Kitsune, and Eagle in escort. We didn't run into any bad guys and in fact almost all systems were full of friendlies so it was an easy go of it. Once we were back in high sec I traded the 840,000 m3 of stuff back to my director and logged off with a feeling of satisfaction.

And yes, I did tease the pirates in the Eve Bloggers chat channel.

While the corporation and other pilots in the Alliance have some logistical stuff to complete as we prepare for a move, I'm pretty much consolidated already due to my relocation a few weeks back. All I had left to do was grab my Falcon stashed in Providence for 0.0 roams I never had time for and bring it back home, which I did this morning before work.

Now we just wait for the paperwork and marching orders.

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