Monday, April 13, 2009

Moving Day

Last Thursday night I logged in to find some corpmates trying to find a way out of their wormhole system into high sec, but instead always finding portals to deep 0.0 space. Last I heard yesterday they were still stuck.

Since I couldn't join them, I decided to give the dual client on the graphics card a workout and move my stuff from Ordat in low sec to a new high sec base of operations. I'm doing this for two reasons:

1) Early morning adventures are hampered by the presence of Mugen Industries in Teshkat, and
2) We are becoming a mercenary alliance and will be spending more time in Empire hunting targets than defending Sukanan, and in between contracts we have decided that running high sec level four missions is good enough.

So the upshot is that I wanted to consolidate my stuff in a convenient location. So with Derranna using the Blockade runner to move modules and charges and Kirith running the ships, I moved out. The Battleships were the biggest worry being slower and only the Dominixs set up for a solo encounter, but no one was watching the gates and I had no problems getting them and the Rokhs out. Next the cruisers such as the Eagle, Onyx, and Falcon along with the Drake and Mrymidon battlecruisers. Lastly the Frigates (Kitsune, Buzzard, Raptor, Crow, Harpies) and all that was left was the Chimera which pretty much had to stay behind being a low sec ship and all.

It took a good while and I chatted and plotted with the guys on Teamspeak, day-dreamed about the Nightmare, and generally relaxed.

Now the move is done, the unpacking and sorting can begin.

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