Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adventures In Jumping

I have a love/hate relationship with the Nomad Jump Freighter.

I love its massive cargo hold at 324,000 m3. I love its ability to make jumps to cyno beacons which makes low sec and 0.0 logistics a breeze in comparison to carriers or regular hauling.

I hate the absolute feeling of terror I get going into low sec or 0.0 with the damn thing. Its so expensive and vulnerable that I dread the thought of coming out into a jump and finding reds warping in on me. I think I would die from a heart attack. And god forbid the day I ever lose the thing... 4 billion ISK flushed away and that's not to mention the value of the stuff it was carrying!

But I believe that if you are too afraid to use a ship for fear of its destruction you might as well sell it and get something cheaper. So I decided I would use the Behemoth to accomplish three things at once: get Derranna set up into 0.0 with some ships, get some more ships for Kirith to use, and get some stuff for the corporation to use up like starbase and capital ship fuel.

I spent the last few days loading the freighter up and getting it into the jump off high sec system. I love the fact the Nomad can start in a high sec system as it relieves some pressure of that first jump. I couldn't get right to 0.0 and our cyno array / jump bridge networks from high sec as the drone regions are a bit distant from Empire and the Jump Freighter range is not as good as other capital ships, so I made a pit stop in a quiet low sec system and docked to recharge the capacitor.

Once ready, I undocked in the quiet system and locked on to the nearest jump cyno beacon at a friendly POS. No problems, I was back in 0.0 with the Nomad. However I miscalculated and saw there was not the jump bridge that I expected. I forgot that when I came this way in the carrier I needed to make a second jump to another 0.0 system and there I could pick up the jump bridge to base.

HOWEVER, the range of the Jump Freighter is lower and it could not make it to the jump bridge system in one jump. So I quickly checked the map and found a middle point cyno array, jumped to it, recharged, and then jumped to the system with the jump bridge. A quick password change and I was in our home system.

Whew! No close calls this time. I probably won't head back until I a load of salvage or something.

Next up: time to get fighting in the war.

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  1. Just reading this gave me a feeling of the excitement of jumping a JF!