Monday, April 06, 2009

Pew Pew And Such

Friday night rolled around and I logged in to find most of the corp off in a wormhole fighting the Sleepers. I debated trying to see if I could join them but instead went a few jumps to help my director with some level four missions for a bit of cash and relaxation.

I didn't have a battleship for level four missions available so I went with my mission Drake instead. With afterburner, passive shield tank, and 7 Heavy Missile Launcher IIs it was more than capable in helping out my director's Raven. I have four battleships in the hanger, but they are all setup for non-mission purposes: one blaster Rokh, one fleet Rokh, one PvP buffer Dominix, and one Wormhole Explorer that could probably suffice but I didn't see any real need.

While helping out in the missions, I worked on my recruitment responsibilities by chatting up a couple of old Strife members that had expressed interest in joining the corporation. It got a little hairy at one point when my director had to warp out from full room aggro, I had him on Teamspeak, another guy in Eve Voice, and another guy in a chat window. Fortunately, the tank on the Drake was more than enough to hold until the Raven came back.

* * * * *

In other news, the second batch of 70 invulnerability fields sold over the weekend, and the invention tries on the 50 BPCs produced 24 successes which I was pleased with. I was about to start buying parts to make them but realized someone bought up all the Ferrogel in Amarr and relisted at a higher price. I decided to wait a few days and let the market adjust first to see if it comes down again. Ferrogel makes up the lion's share of the production costs so every ISK saved on the price of that material is important.

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