Friday, April 03, 2009

Lots of Changes Coming in Apocrypha 1.1

A huge boat load of changes coming soon.

ECM Nerf - As previously discussed.

Stealth Bomber Change - As previously discussed.

Black Ops Buff - Improvements to make the unused tech II battleship class a little more attractive, including the ability to jump into cyno-jammed systems.

More subsystems for the Tech III ships
- includes systems to get a bonus to exploration, covert ops cloaking, infinity warp stabilizer, and much more.

Agility Changes - some things become slower at aligning to warp.

* * * * *

Also rumoured on Scrapheap Challenge forums:

Exploration improvements - to assist in scanning down things in wormholes with buckets of gravimetric sites.

Inventory Search Utility - unsure if this is personal inventory or game item database searching.

New Warp Effect - I like the current one tbh.

Fitting Screen Improvements - Like a cap stable measurement.

* * * * *
It promises to be an exciting summer!

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  1. I was on SiSi and can confirm the rumors of the inventory search (in cargo, items, cans, there is a field to type in, useless really) and the fitting screen cap measurement.