Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If I Controlled Eve...

This is just a few things I would change if I controlled Eve's development. Not much thought has been put into some of these, its more of an off-the-cuff post.

1. Delayed Local in 0.0 - I think w-space has demonstrated that the delayed local and new probing system combine to make the game fresh and interesting with a good dose of paranoia. Let intelligence on enemy movements come from actually detecting the enemy, it will make systems feel larger and give some value to both extremely compact and extremely expansive systems.

2. A Method to defend low sec space - In a protracted conflict, you can war dec. If they are hardcore low sec pirates like The Bastards, you can engage freely. But there is no defending low sec space against roaming hostiles that are above -5 sec status if you don't want to destroy your own sec status. And hence people give up on low sec space and leave it to the desperate and foolish. I know, you can try to bait them to get them to shoot first, but I think there should be some way a corporation can apply for authority to defend a low sec system or constellation from the controlling empire. Of course, this has a lot of hazards as the space becomes divided between major powers and guarded like 0.0 and poor solo people find the routes closed and the meager low sec resources farmed by the locals. Maybe you can buy from the empire some sort of pass that allows you passage but if you engage in any illegal activity its revoked and your standing with that faction destroyed.

3. Individual player housing - some type of structure cheaper than a small POS and easier to maintain but anchorable anywhere, perhaps with a small ship maintenance hanger and array and a small cargo space. And of course, the ability to anchor some small weapons to defend it, maybe a module to make it harder to scan down, or a cloaking module that only activates once you are so many km from it.

4. Tech II versions of the tier 2 battlecruisers (Drake, etc) and tier 3 battleships (Rokh, etc) as well as tech II carriers and dreadnoughts. I'd like to see some more non-combat-focused ships like a scientific explorer or a ship dedicated to managing the battlefield of multiple fleets or a ship specialized for salvaging.

5. Smarter and more powerful NPCs - The Sleepers were a good start: fewer NPCs, but harder hitting and smarter to a degree. Let's make more missions and complexes and belt rats that require thoughts of transversals, threat profiles, spider tanking, range, etc.

6. Captial NPCs - Let's see some spawns of NPC carriers, dreadnoughts. While we're at it, let's get some NPC drone action going.

7. Better in game map. Ombey's 2d-maps, Eve Strategic map book, Dotlan maps... they all demonstrate that the Eve client itself is horribly lacking in functionality for looking at a region in one glance.

That's all for now.


  1. Anonymous5:36 pm

    hey i completely agree with your point that there needs to be some tech II variants of tier 2 battlecruisers and tier 3 battleships. a tech 2 verion of the rokh would be awesome

  2. Moar T2 ships is good, more ships is good, IPH (housing) is good, but not sure about the method to defend low sec.

    Very interesting ideas :)