Monday, April 20, 2009

Dry Weekend

Not much to report as I was away for the weekend. Sunday when I got back I got the first 100 Invulnerability Field IIs out of the factories and put the next batch in. Then I checked my 2 cloaking invention jobs and saw I had two successes which was nice. I'll start to build those in a couple days.

Amarr Battleship IV finishes late tonight, and I've decided to work on training for the Nighthawk command ship next, a 45 day skill training plan which is tiny compared to my carrier plan last year. Of the 45 days, 26 of it is for Battlecruisers V skill level.

Battlecruisers IV - 4.5 days
Battlecruisers V - 26.5 days
Warfare Link Specialist I - 48 minutes
Warfare Link Specialist II - 3 hours, 46 minutes
Warfare Link Specialist III - 21 hours, 22 minutes
Warfare Link Specialist IV - 6 days
Command Ships I - 1 hour
Command Ships II - 4 hours, 42 minutes
Command Ships III - 1 day
Command Ships IV - 6.25 days


  1. I was going to say how it was odd that I was only ~38 days from the Nighthawk but then I caught you taking Command Ship up to four.

    Cosmic "aha!"

  2. Ayo, totally stole my successes for the cloak there ;)

    Grats on the training. Train Seige Warfare Specialist up to 3 and your alliance mates will love ya ;)