Friday, April 17, 2009

BPC Backlog

The component builds for the 240 Invul IIs completed during the patch so it wasn't until I got home last night I could complete the jobs and put the first 100 mods in to be built. They should be ready to go on the market Sunday.

A while ago I decided to step up invulnerability field production by buying two more BPOs for staggered copying using public lab slots but I got a gift of 100 BPCs from a friend and I sort of ignored industry there for a while. The end result is that my BPC backlog is reaching epic proportions of around 150. I need to buy a lot of datacores after I get the Nightmare purchased and fitted and just rip through them like mad.

One of my cloaking BPOs finished copying last night so I put the two resulting BPCs in for invention to see if I can get some Covert Ops cloaks. No point in going for Improved Cloaks it seems anymore with Stealth Bombers going covert now. More demand means higher prices! BOO YA.

Hmmm, maybe try some Manitcore invention. Remind me to check to see if I made any Kestrel copies.


  1. Got a huge (500+) backlog too. I love having a POS. But I found the profit margin for LSEs dropped to just 100k each :(

    Looking for some other stuff to invent except for ships.

  2. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Let me know if you ever need any copies, I got a kestrel blueprint I am not using much.