Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tech II or Faction?

As my wallet grows (20 cloaks sold, 70 invul fields on market with another 70 ready in three days) I've started thinking seriously about the Nightmare I'm going to buy. Particularly the fittings.

Most of the ship is easy to fit out with tech II gear or faction if affordable. The problem is the weapons: I want tech II damage but I don't want to spend the two months training time to get them. I could settle for best named I suppose, but if I'm going to spend 900 million or more on a ship I figure I can spend a bit more on the weapons.

So I fired up the contracts this morning before work and checked out the faction Mega Pulse Lasers. There are four versions, Amarr Navy, Ammatar Navy, True Sansha, and Dark Blood and they all appear to be the same with a nice increase in raw damage over best named and Tech II Mega Pulse Lasers. No tech II crystals unfortunatley, but I can accept that.

They are expensive, ranging in price from 65 to 90 million a piece with average prices around 75-80 million. I mixed and matched and picked up a couple for 65 million, one at 72 million, and one more at 75 million. Spent more money on those four modules than on two entire Tier 3 battleships.

According the EFT the difference is about 32 DPS total and ten more minutes of capacitor energy when everything is running. Not much but every bit counts.


  1. The 2 main advantages of faction guns is lower skill requirements and lower cap use.
    Damage output is equal with T2 guns with the specialisation skill trained to 2(under the assumption laser skill is at 5 for both).
    I would strongly recommend training for T2 personally, Scorch is absolutely sexy when using pulse, 45km optimal on a short range weapon is pewpew :-).
    If it's for pve it's quite different(and I guess it is for just having the bling for missions ;-) ). for pve you'll likely use tachyons and there the lower cap use is a major boon and more then makes up for the damage output reduction.

  2. Yeah, its a boat for missions. I always liked the look of the Nightmare and now have the cash for it.

    If I ever start to seriously pvp with Amarr battleships, Tech II is a must IMO.