Monday, March 30, 2009

Almost Saw Action

With sick kids, its hard to get online. But Friday night I managed to sneak away and log in to assist in our war against The Initiative Alliance.

I had flown a new blaster Harpy up to the area the week before so when I logged in I found the fleet and coordinated with them to search for targets. There was very few enemies around Caldari space so when we found one that was moving around and not AFK, we tried to box him in immediately. Unfortunately, he was flying a Malediction interceptor and proved elusive to nail down, only catching a glimpse of him at a gate once.

Later on we got a report of two enemies in a system ten jumps away from my position. I hauled ass and even risked a few jumps through low sec but avoided any confrontations to arrive and camp a gate for a bit while a gang mate searched surrounding stations. Then we determined they were using one of the stations as a base when I flew to one to investigate and saw a war target in a Sacrilege dock up. Reinforcements arrived and we began our camping of the undock point.

About five to ten minutes later my wife came into the computer room and handed me a baby that would not go to sleep, and his brother was kicking up a fuss with what turned out to be an ear infection. Called to higher duty, I reported "Baby Aggro" for the second Friday in a row and docked up. Sigh.

Good news: later on our fleet did nail a couple war targets, and the next day launched an assault on a couple enemy starbases, destroying one and reinforcing the other.

* * * * *

In skill training news, Derranna has only three weeks left of her skill plan. Her navigation and shield skills have been brought up to scratch, and she's working on her armour tanking and energy skills now, with construction skills and gas harvesting later on. After that, she's going to spend a couple months working on training for the Scimitar logistics ship and associated Tracking Links and Shield Transporters.

Meanwhile, I have decided that Kirith will start working on Command Ships next after the Amarr cross training is done.

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