Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stepping Up Production

At one time, last October to be precise, I had a plan to produce 100 Invulnerability Field IIs per week. The linchpin of that plan was getting a steady supply of BPCs to invent from an ally's high sec POS lab, but he got war decced and took the tower down and I've pretty much been suffering with the public queues ever since. Which means I get my 20 BPCs every 3 weeks or so instead of every 5 days.

I've decided to step up production by buying two more Invulnerability Field BPOs and putting them in for copies staggered with the original one. The idea is that I get 20 BPCs three times a month or so allowing me to produce about 300 Tech II mods a month for about 150 million ISK profit.

On top of that, my growing wallet disturbs me: if your money is not invested somehow, its being wasted. So with another batch of Moa BPCs coming in, I decided to do some Onyx invention. I purchased the 96 Mechanical Engineering and Caldari Starship Engineering Datacores and the 12 User Manual Decryptors and started 6 of the 12 invention tries yesterday, with the other 6 to go in once the first batch comes out in a couple days.

The estimated odds of success is about 30%. If I get 3/12 successes my invention cost per run is 20 million ISK, while if I get 4/12 successes it drops to 15 million, an overall difference in profit of 45-60 million. If I get freaky good luck and get 5/12 success, the invention cost per run goes to 12 million ISK.

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