Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Because I'm Not Posting About It...

... Doesn't mean I'm not doing it. Of course I'm talking about my manufacturing side job.

I last posted on Jan 30th about how I had 130 Invulnerability fields to build and four cloaking invention jobs in the labs. In all the excitement of Apocrypha and such I haven't updated you all on the progress. I'm sure some of you are just frothing at the mouth to find out what happened next, aren't you?

The 130 Invulnerability Shields sold quite quickly over a couple days bringing in a good chunk of profit while the four invention jobs only gave me one success again. Still, those 10 Covert Ops Cloaks when built and sold brought in more profit than the 130 shield mods so I shouldn't complain.

Meanwhile another 20 Invul Field BPCs were done and I ran another set of invention, this time coming in under average with 9 successes. I am currently building those 90 Tech II modules.

Speaking of building Tech II, most of the cost of the invulnerability field mods comes from the crazy price of Ferrogel right now, over 50K ISK per unit in Amarr. I might have to see about visiting Jita to see if I can get some lower prices.

No ship invention at the moment. I'm still scarred from the Vulture debacle as well as concentrating on preparing for the upcoming expansion. Come March 11th I plan to be living in w-space for a while and a lot of preparation is required to get ready for that expedition.

1 comment:

  1. KK, I was wondering what is going on.

    Same here for me, but I have my invented BPC ready to go and let me tell you this: DO NOT COME TO JITA!

    The SE are about 55-60k each still after they rose to 75k.

    I'm going to jump onto the same bandwagon as you but man those BPOs are 90 mil each!

    Thanks for the tips still.