Friday, January 30, 2009

Raise Shields!

Last night I did the "datacore run", from Tash Murkon to Placid, back to Derelict, over to Domain, and back to Tash Murkon again. I don't need the datacores from agents to do my invention as I factor in the market cost anyways, but it saves me some cash liquidity for other purchases and its pretty easy task with Derranna's cloakiness in low sec areas.

With the new cache of datacores she ran some Invulnerabilty Field inventions and got 9 successes on the first run of 10 (WOW!) and 4 successes on the second run of 10. So overall 3 above expected. Nice. I'll start building those this weekend. I also threw in four Cloaking invention tries, find out Sunday how they go.

Next week I'll review my available capital and look into another round of ship invention, this time checking the profitability before putting certain BPCs in the labs.

1 comment:

  1. Hey man, grats, but you know statistics and it'll all balance out in the long run *wink wink* LOL.

    I also looked at the cloaks and their BPO are 90 mil each! Expensive stuff, but looks to be very profitable!