Friday, January 16, 2009

Once Again, Logisitics

Late in 2007 I was working my way up the ranks in m3 corp during my first stint there and was promoted to Logistics Officer before Nih'Khuna came and tempted me away with a directorship in Strife Mercenaries 2.0.

This time around I've spent the first three months of my time in m3 just being a good pilot when I can get online, and while I might not have turned any heads with amazing kills I have been a solid member, active consistently and jumping into gangs and on teamspeak. As the corp and alliance ponder next steps, I volunteered myself to be available for stuff that I can do in my spurts throughout the evenings and before work; time online not long enough for operations where I might have to log at a moment's notice (like if Twin A gets cranky) but enough time to do simple one man tasks.

My offer was accepted and I'll be running some courier contracts for the corp here and there, utilizing my considerable logistics skills with Derranna.

* * * * *

Speaking of logisitcs, last night I had enough time to get Derranna to haul the rest of Kiriths ships and modules into his base in Sukanan so all my equipment is nicely consolidated once more, and then I moved the Navy Raven, a Destroyer salvage ship, and a hauler into Goram to make my high sec level four mission running base.

Once I was set up, I ran a quick mission and got that Cargo Delivery one where the horde of Blood Raiders show up to ambush you if you shoot at the first wave of ambushers while picking up the Ultra Quafe from the warehouse. Last time on Alliance Mission Day I nearly lost my Navy Raven to this mission but this time I wisely refrained from shooting the first wave which barely scratched my shields.

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