Tuesday, December 11, 2007


With m3's move into 0.0 space, I made my carrier available to the corp for a certain number of trips per month. Fortunately, the alliance we joined has carriers setup already so I wasn't called upon right away for any hauling.

In planning my efforts in this regard, I inquired with the directors about who in the corp was overseer of logistics. The answer to my surprise was "you". After a couple of posts setting up the logistics arm of m3, I was officially named Logistics Officer.

Its amazing how my pride I feel in this promotion in a pretend internet spaceship corporation.

My first order of business is quantifying the corp's hauling capabilities outside of myself and determining what needs to be done.

In Other News...

I bought some desperately needed new RAM for my PC so now I can run the new graphics without issue, and even can run two clients for carrier jumping with only minor difficulties switching, nothing I wasn't experiencing before.

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