Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If you got 'em, flaunt 'em!

I thought I was going to get only for a good session last night but twin A was wired for sound and had no interest in sleeping, and my wife was a train wreck of tiredness, neck pain, and nausea. Alas, the fate of men.

I did however get online long enough to get the lottery prizes picked up and delivered as promised. In the process, I used far too many ships.

I started the evening with Derranna in Amarr with her Orca which I used to deliver the four Onyxes for sale on the weekend (all sold thank you very much) and pick up the supplies for 120 Invulnerability Shield to be built. I had used the Orca instead of the Fenrir or Nomad because I like the look of the ship; the Orca's lines are so nice.

Once in Pimebeka I had to go get the Worm frigate and Janitor a couple jumps away, as well as some freight cans that need moving. I picked the Fenrir as the Nomad didn't have room for the 6 cans. There and back in a few minutes, I now had the five items to contract to the winners in Amarr.

The Prowler was the biggest item and 20,000 m3 packaged, so all told the 5 items fit nicely in the Bling Boat, my rigged Mastadon deep space transport. So up to Amarr I went without issue.

Tonight I had to go into low sec to pick up some more BPCs from the labs for invention. I'll break out the Rum Runner, my Prowler Blockade Runner.

Later on this week I'm going to jump some supplies into low sec for Kirith, and for that I'll need the Nomad.

Gawddammit, that settles it. I need a Rorqual to complete the collection. Just have to knock over Eve Bank to get the ISK for it all.

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  1. I'm logging on to get that BPC. Roc gave me some idea of how much it's worth. I almost spit up my beer! You, sir, WIN.

    Remember ship-buying 101, don't buy it unless you can afford to lose it.