Monday, January 12, 2009

Backup Plan

No corporation is 100% safe from a failure cascade.

I've joined corps that had a storied history and good reputation and watched in shock as the founders disagreed on the next move and split (ref: Coreli Corp), or the complete meltdown of Strife Mercenaries last spring as we went from coherent group of enthusiastic players to scattered remnants of a dream.

Although m3 seems solid as a rock with dedicated CEO and directors with a coherent vision moving forward, you never know what's around the corner or when someone important might just up and quit throwing the dynamic off and into a failure cascade. I'm not saying I have any intention or desire to leave; m3 is humming along nicely as far as I can tell and I like what I've seen in 3+ months I've been here.

But its always good to have a backup plan.

One thing I've learnt is that level four missions done cooperatively with salvagers and looters to clean up the field can be a huge profit generator for a corporation. Last mission day netted over a billion ISK for our corp alone. What this leads me to think is that crappy 0.0 space such as you find in Syndicate might be much better should one have access to the numerous level four agents populating that space. One such as me.

So I have started working on a backup plan that would see me lead a group of players who are familiar with PvP and are looking to hone skills in 0.0 space to occupy a system or two in Syndicate that includes level four agents myself and perhaps others can access. The kill missions from the agent would provide bounties and salvage to complement the belt rats, and PvP would be around every corner; the key would be to pick the right system that is defensible enough while not being impossible to get access to (i.e. 30 jumps through 0.0 space is probably not going to work for this plan).

A nice feature of Syndicate is that it is very accessible by jump freighter and carrier from high sec as well as low sec. That makes bringing in supplies such as ships and BPCs relatively easy.

I've mapped out appropriate level four agents, jump ranges, positions or systems in the region, etc. Only thing left to do is scout the area and check out the local inhabitants. That will have to wait until I feel need for activating my backup plan.

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  1. Huh. My corp is 0.0 in Syndicate right now. If that does happen, and you find yourself there, I'm pretty sure I can work on you being set to blue with us.