Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Goal Reached

I have been striving to get standings for a decent level four mission agent around Sukanan recently so I can better participate in Alliance Mission Days once a month. Last time I flew out to a level four Gallente agent in Tash Murkon but it was quite a few jumps and a pain in the arse for when I got a mission that would have netted lots of ISK had I had corp mates nearby to assist.

Using I determined that although I was quite a ways from being able to use the Chemal tech Lvl 4 agent in Sukanan constellation itself, I could gain access to the level four agent in nearby Goram that works for the Impetus corporaiton if I got one more storyline mission to boost my Gallente standing from 6.60 to 6.65. Well last night I got that storyline mission from blitzing the level 3s and as fast as you can say bippty-boo I had it completed (an easy courier storyline mission, natch) and now have the standing with Gallente of 6.68.

With that accomplished, I prepared to make the move out to 0.0 space for some alliance operations with my Falcon.

* * * * *
In industry news, I successfully liquated my 10 Covert Ops Cloaks last night for a healthy profit and started final production on the first batch of 60 invulnerability fields with another 60 to go when they are done.

I also bought the necessary datacores and decryptors for some Nighthawk and Vulture command ship invention (5 of the former and 2 of the latter) and put them into the lab last night. With a success rate esitmated at 25%, I'm hoping for 2 successes out of the 7 tries.

The invention cost per run:
1 success = 54 million
2 successes = 27 million
3 successes = 18 million

I suspect I'll have a hard time making a good profit with only one success, but I'll make gobs of ISK with 3. We'll see how lady luck deals with me this time since she was so generous last time.

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