Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ninveah Reporting For Duty!

I had about 30 minutes to log in last night. Not much but enough.

I finished the last batch of invention jobs and found that from 20 Invul Fields and 20 Large Extenders I had 10 tech II versions of each. Exactly 50% which is the expected rate. I'll pull those up to the factory and buy the parts to build them after dropping off the cloaks and Cerbs tonight.

Sukanan constellation was quiet with only one war target docked up and a couple more up in Amarr playing docking games with a couple of our guys. Seeing an opportunity to make that last jump with the carrier, I got Derranna into position outside a POS and I jump cloned to my ship.

I double-checked the intel channels and got on teamspeak. Satisfied that there was lots of blue and no other hostiles except docked-up-boy, I popped the cyno and moved to jump the ship.

WHOOOSH! Man I love that graphic.

The Ninveah materialized a couple kilometers from the safety of the force field and feeling very exposed I boogied in that direction at a solid 80 meters per second. A bit of excitement erupted on voice comms as allies noticed the beacon on their overview but I quickly assured them it was just me.

Damn carriers are slow. I was starting to get paranoid. What if the hostiles showed up in force and zeroed in on my ship before I got to the field? What if the few neutrals in system are hostiles in disguise? What if FINEG perpared a login trap for me and I'M ABOUT TO DIE!?!?!!

Oh, I'm in the force field? And nothing happened? Just my overactive imagination again then. Whew!

So I slowly brought about the prow and aligned to station, nudging the beast into warp with a satisfied sigh. Once docked I gave a "good night" to my co-pilots and logged.


  1. I'm so glad you got past the FINEG menace! I also didn't realize carriers could dock at stations. I can't wait to hear the future exploits of the Ninveah.

  2. Green with envy as always when I hear your short and fun stories =]. It shows that people can still play EVE without long sittings!

    Hope your doing good buddy!