Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heart Stopping

Last night I was loading the freshly manufactured Cerberus HACs and the 28 Covert Ops Cloaks into my Nomad Jump Freighter for transport to market. As I was doing this my wife walks in with Twin A and a poopy diaper and hands him to me. Man it stunk!

I hit the undock button and then autopilot to the market where I sell my stuff.

A while later I remember I left Eve on and I stroll upstairs to dock the ship and get the items up for sale.


"Why... is... my... pod... on... the... ... ... screen.............? "

My heart stops. A mean literally stopped cold in my chest, I swear I'm not exaggerating (much).

All I could think is that my 4 billion ISK ship was suicide ganked while I was away by a fleet of battleships. That it would cost far more than the cargo I was carrying was worth didn't cross my mind, or that the fleet would have to consist of 30-40 ships to kill me in one shot before CONCORD showed up neither. All I could see what NO JUMP FREIGHTER ON THE SCREEN.

Once my heart started pumping again after sinking to my lower stomach, I checked my character see to see a kill mail and see who did this to me. Odd... no kill mail. I checked my assets... sure enough my Nomad was still sitting in my hanger back in my base.

At this point it dawned on me what happened. As I was loading up the freighter I realized I was in my +3 implant clone and not the +4 clone. As my wife was coming up the stairs I had jumped out of the freighter in preparation for the clone jump, but decided against the change as my hands got full with the baby. I figured I'd clone jump later... but didn't get back in the freighter. Instead I undocked in my pod and hit autopilot without looking at the main screen.

Massively relieved, I quickly did the clone jump I wanted, picked up the freighter, and got the goods to market. As of this evening 2 of the 6 Cerbs have sold and all but 5 of the cloaks are gone. Back on track.


  1. Oh, lol. I don't mean to laugh but I have SO been situations that involve far less ISK, but still. I can relate. Glad it turned out to be a false alarm :)

  2. I have the same experience frequently enough that I only currently engage in multiplayer activities with my brother or very close friends so I won't ruin someone's fun when I bug out in the middle of something for bounce duty... On the other hand, nothing compares to a 7 month old chuckle!

  3. Risk is always there! Thank goodness your JF didn't go boomy!