Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rokh Versus Megathron

The Gallente Megathron is recognized as the defacto standard blaster battleship in Eve. Its bonuses alone tell the tale: 5% bonus to Large Hybrid damage and 7.5% bonus to Large Hybrid tracking per level of Gallente Battleship skill.

I was thinking about my next big ship purchase and I've been considering a Caldari Rokh as a blaster boat, but before I lay out the cash I figured I should see how the ship stacks up against the standard.

Area Megathron Rokh Winner
Cost ~80 million ~130 million Tie. Megathron easily is cheaper but since they are both tech 1 they are both fully insurable.
Bonuses Large Hybrid Damage and Tracking Large Hybrid Range and Shield Resistance Bonus Megathron. The range of the blasters means the Rokh bonus is partially wasted in some scenarios, the exception being when the blasters are using Tech II Null ammo.
Slot Layout 8/4/7 with 7 turret hardpoints 8/6/5 with 8 turret hardpoints Rokh. The damage bonus of the Megathron is partially made up for by the Rokh's 8th blaster.
Max Blaster Damage 887 with Tech II blasters and Faction Antimatter at 4.5 km Optimal and 12 km falloff. 811 with Tech II blasters and Faction Antimatter at 6.8 km Optimal and 12 km falloff. Surprisingly close in damage although the Mega does have the advantage. The range bonus is wasted for the Rokh for the most part.
Ranged Blaster Damage 707 with Null ammo and 11 km optimal and 15 km falloff. 646 with Null ammo and 17 km optimal and 15 km falloff. Rokh. The damage difference is lessened but the range advantage starts to show; at about 16 km the Rokh starts to out damage the Megathron.
Drone Damage 5 x Heavy Drones 5 x Medium Drones Mega definitely. The added DPS makes the Megathron the bigger damage dealer by far.
Tackle Webber and Disrupter. Need friends. Megathron again. The extra mid slots not used for tanking like on the Rokh are handy here.
Tank 4 low slots 4 mid slots (assuming cap booster and MWD in mids) and 1 low slot. The larger base hitpoints combined with the resist bonus allows the Rokh to boast an impressive defense.

The large drone bay on the Megathron gives it an advantage over the Rokh, but the advantage is not huge. Overall both ships have their strengths and weaknesses. I'll stick with the original plan and buy the Rokh when I have some extra cash.


  1. Anonymous4:08 am

    It's unfair to compare a tier 2 BS to the tier 3 for tank. All the Tier 3 bs were made to tank, check out the hyperion, it was made for tank + blasters.

  2. Anonymous7:18 am

    Well I have a Rokh, and the next line of training I will embark on is the upgrade of her weapon systems. SO I cannot comment on her hybrid slinging abilities too much... She truly is impressive... one thought is this for PvP or PvE? IF PvP the Rokh excels at sniping while the mega is the in close damage guy ....whats your style? (and I know you know a hell of a lot about more ships that I, just trying to finish my thought)

  3. Anon: While I agree that the tier 3 battleships are designed more for tanking than their predecessors, I think it is still a valid exercise to compare two ships that are built to perform the same task.

    However, your point about looking at the Hyperion is a good one, I shall take a gander.

    Manasi: this comparison is for two small gang battleships. I have a nice Rokh setup for PvE that utilizes 8 x 350mm II railguns and gets impressive damage, better than I can with a Raven and my missile skills.

    The Rokh really comes into its own as a tanking DPS ship at Caldari BS V and Tech II weaponry combined with excellent gunnery support skills. It can tank like a bitch and still sling antimatter at 45+ km optimal with rails or Null 17 km with blasters.

  4. kirith, rokh screams hp tank to me.
    fill it with core defence shield extenders, large shield extneders and 1 invuln with signal amps, turret damage mod, damage control.