Thursday, October 02, 2008

"I'll Take 19000 of Those..."

Last night I managed to get on sporadically between housework, Twin A waking up, and getting stuff ready for the next day. It wasn't enough to actually log in and participate in the war, but there was enough chunks to write last night's blog post (most of which was written while supper cooked and the twins napped) and to get my industrial gears moving.

I have several Tech II cruiser BPCs in my hanger covering Cerberuses, Falcons, and Onyxes. The Onyx BPC had 4 runs on it and I have 3 Moa cruisers in cold storage thus I decided to produce 4 Onyx Heavy Interdictors. I woke Korannon up from his weeks long vacation slumber and sent him to the Amarr Prime hub which is nice and close to operations in Tash Murkon and still has lots of items on the market. I transfered 225 million ISK to his wallet and told him what to buy, and 195 million ISK later he was done. I contracted the materials to Derranna and she took off in the Nomad to fetch it to the factories.

(NOTE: I use the smaller cargo capacity Nomad for loads larger than 50K but smaller than 325K m3 because it is more agile and faster than the Fenrir freighter. Not by much but it is noticeable.)

Tonight she'll get back from Amarr prime and I'll put the seven ship component batches in the oven. I've estimated the retail price of the Onyxes at 80-90 million ISK each so say 360 mil combined. That means I'll profit about 190 million minus the 20 million in Moas I had in stock. Still, 170 mil net profit is nothing to sneeze at. Next I'll build up those Cerberuses.


  1. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Sorry to bust your bubble, but those Onyx BPC didn't came from nowhere. There are invention (and research and copy) costs involved to their creation. So you gain is way less if you involve those in the equation. A friendly reminder ...

  2. I am quite aware of the invention costs, I just don't factor them into the calculation now since the invention occurred months ago and it is a relatively small part of the overall build cost. If you want an absolute breakdown, the BPC cost is approximately 2 million ISK per run, ignoring the start up costs for the Moa BPC, the Esoteric Ship Interface, the skills etc.