Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oh Derranna, What Are We Going To Do With You

My industrial alt Derranna is about 10 days from the end of her current skill training plan, at which point she will be a damn fine prober. So what next?

With Kirith, its easy because there is always another ship, weapon system, or module I need to get to increase my combat capabilities. Derranna is much harder because her basic goals in life (manufacturing, research, and hauling) are pretty much fleshed out with only rare skills here and there that I might need someday in the future. My immediate needs for her are low.

I recently speculated in EveMON about improving her basic ship skills so her ships have more hitpoints, agility, and combat drones with an eye into turning her into a second combat pilot. She's already got Tech II Minmatar frigates in the Covert Ops, so why not turn her into a capable Wolf or Hyena pilot? Of course, that's a 150 days to get her into decent shape and I'd probably never use her that way.

A Scimitar logistics ship? Over 45 days and that is without proper skills for drones, navigation, etc.

Maybe time to go for a hulk? Only 47 days for the ship and Tech II mining lasers and strip miners. But I rarely mine... although I might if the corp had mining ops.

Industry? Well, I did consider becoming a capital ship manufacturer and for that I'd need the expensive Capital Ship Contruction skill (75 mil), and I might as well get Industrial Construction as well. But that's only a 2-3 week endeavour and then I'd be right back here.

Mining Foreman? Hmmm, maybe. A good 55 days at least for the mindlinks. Skills appear to be cheap. And then I could follow it up with the skills for a Rorqual, only another 50 days or so.

As you can see, I have no freaking idea but the Rorqual/mining foreman appeals to me today. Tomorrow it will be something else. Sigh.


  1. How about Trading skills?

  2. Damn, I totally forgot about that idea. Thanks!

    To the EveMON-mobile!

  3. Or mission running in space you're main can't get to to get a different set of NPC corps to 6.7 for perfect refines.

    Or, if this is also your hauler alt, go for the blockade runner.

  4. Heh, Letrange: Derranna is already an expert hauler with Trnasport Ships, Freighter, and Jump Freighter. I just happen to have three blockade runners in my hanger right now. :)

    That's the main problem; she's trained well for everything I typically use her for already. Trade skills sounds like the best idea.