Monday, October 27, 2008


If there is one area of Eve I have very little experience in its flying battleships in PvP.

I've done it twice in a Caldari Scorpion but once I was part of a suicide op against Triumvirate where I failed by surviving and the second time I was headed to a roam and ran into a carrier gate camp where the fighters followed me to my doom after I broke the locks and warped.

Recently the directive came down from the corp's leadership that they would like everyone to have the capability of flying battleships in PvP:
1. Remote Repair either shields or armor
2. Tech II tank
3. Shortrange setups to include large energy neutralisers
4. Sniper setups able to hit 150km
I have the skills, but I don't have the ships. Only battleship currently in my arsenal is the Insisto Oblivium II equipped and rigged for PvE activities. I could re-equip its modules for sniper work easily to match point 4, but points 1 and 3 are much harder to accomplish with a Rokh since so much of its DPS and functionality is in the 8 turrets.

A Scorpion setup with ECM can do point 4 easily but its not so hot for point 2 since its not exactly a good shortrange ship in significant engagements. A Raven has extra high slots for neutralizers and remote reppers so I might have to bite the bullet and get one of those despite my lackluster cruise missile and torpedo skills.

I think I'm having trouble trying to get both neutralizers and remote reps on one platform. Thoughts?

P.S. This is exactly why I want to train for a Dominix: cheap, versatile, and solid.


  1. Then I recommend you train up for the Dominix. :) Your reasons are solid, and will benefit you. So start training!

    Just remember that one of the Domi's advantages in being a drone boat can't be of use around sentry guns, as they quickly pick off the drones. But you can use your hybrid turrets to deadly effect instead.

  2. Yup, train for the big, bad Dom.

    As long as you've got decent drone skills (not sure, but i'll admit its unlikely you will have really varied drone skills flying Caldari) you can fit the ship to however you want.

    I wouldn't reccomend using an armour tank on a Raven anyway (presuming that in a remote repping gang, everyone would be using armour reppers, not sure how it is around your place) but of course, training up for the tech 2 armour tank parts takes a long time too, but a dual rep Dominix with highs full of neuts and vampires can take a lot of stopping.

  3. Anonymous4:32 am

    I've had a lot of time in Remote Rep Battleships- armour repping. You can't fit everything, so we fitted guns, 2 RemReps and concentrated on armour/ resists to allow the reppers to get onto the target and rep them even if they were primaried.

  4. Anonymous7:03 am

    Karox , no way a ship can be long range AND short range. Rokh is an excellent Damage dealer preferably from sniper and can boast a goos tank, the Scorp can do remote rep, ecm and also a decent tank. Point is you can do three of the four but not all four (imo)

  5. My drone skills are good except for Tech II heavy drones which I didn't bother with since the carrier didn't need them with Fighters. I trained up for tech II armour tanks last year while running in the Thorax, Brutix, and Myrmidon before the great bandwidth nerf.

    So I'm gonna take a break from carrier training and get a few levels of Gallente battleship. THe DOmi and Megathron can accomplsih the shortranged roles with neuts/remote armour reps better than Caldari can.