Monday, September 29, 2008


Yesterday was "get me some money!" day.

The mission running from Saturday provided a nice little boost to the wallet to cover ammo expenses and such, but I needed more seed money to get the industrial alts going. I decided it was time to sell off some stuff.

I opened up my module container and grabbed everything that wasn't Faction, Tech II, or best available (i.e. Salvagers and Tractor Beams have no other versions). Then with 11K m3 of stuff I went to market and started selling. I made about 140 million ISK, a large part of which came from 16 x 350mm Prototype Gauss Railguns I used to need for the Rokh before I got the Tech II skills.

Later on that evening, I had some time to get in and I decided to try my run to 0.0 once more. Sunday evenings are still busy but since its past midnight in Europe the server population is not as thick as Saturday afternoons or evening and I felt I might have a chance to get closer at least. It took thirty minutes to make three jumps. It was busy and I was extremely cautious, but I managed to get into the low sec system bordering 0.0 before calling it a night. Then this morning when I logged in before work and downtime, I easily scouted myself without worry into 0.0 and to my destination system where a public station was available for docking. Gotta love CVA. Now when I log in on quiet weeknights I can rat in 0.0 instead of wasting away in low sec with nothing to do.

Not that I expect too many quiet weeknights in the near future... Blackwater Alliance (i.e. m3's alliance) has declared war on Idle Empire alliance. I won't go into the political reasons for the war but suffice to say that Idle Empire is home to many known pirates. The war went active yesterday and I plan to take a couple ships to the warzone this week for some action maybe next weekend. The boys seem to be settling down to sleep for the night before 9pm now, so Sunday evenings appear to be my best chance for consistent gametime going forward. Time will tell.

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