Wednesday, August 06, 2008

If You Can't Stand The Heat...

I was able to log in for a little while last night but since my jump clone was not ready, I had to stay in safe space. I didn't have time for a mission, so I opted to check out the Data Centre and turn in some Angel Copper Tags to see what kind of standing bonus I got. It took me from 4.62 to 4.69, not a huge jump but nice to know I have the option. I might try a higher level tag agent some time to see if it gives more bang for the buck.

I also finished training Motion Prediction V last night but instead of going for the first level of Large Blaster Specialization, I started into Thermodynamics so I could play with overheating. Once the first level was trained, I wasted no time in seeing what my little Raptor could do.

Wow. By overheating the 10mn MWD II I went from going ~5700m/s to over 8200m/s! That is quite the increase. Of course, I incurred damage on my MWD and other two mid slot modules, so I decided to get some Nanite Repair Paste and play with that as well. I need more practice with overheating to get the hang of how fast damage occurs and how hard I can push it, but it seems like a nice option for when you need that extra boost in efficiency.

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