Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dev Blog: Serious Security

This morning in Google Reader there was a new entry in the Dev Blogs. I opened it up and read through on the changes. Pretty minor stuff: faster response times, more security penalties for higher sec systems, scaling penalties based on respective sec statuses, all mundane and reasonable changes that should really offend no one.

Except one line at the bottom.
In addition, the highly requested feature of removal of insurance in CONCORD related events will be implemented in the near future.
I swear if you listen closely you can hear heads explode all around the world. This would be f*cking awesome if really implemented. I always found it immersion breaking when people would get insurance payouts if CONCORD destroyed you; I mean, you did a criminal act and you get your insurance payment? WTF!

This change will completely nuke the suicide gank for profit crowd to my everlasting approval. Suicide ganks = OK, suicide ganks with no penalty beyond sec status != OK.

Wow, CCP is sure showing some balls lately.

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