Monday, July 21, 2008

Where to Live?

(Note: Its one of those days at work where I have to wait hours for files to unzip, copy, execute and my other task is reading a dry 73 page technical document. So yeah, blogging day.)

So Kirith approaches the golden land of milk and honey also known as Minmatar Factional Standing 5.0. With that level reached (another 9 complexes to go!) I'll have the ability to get my corp standing up to 5.0 and then anchor a POS in Minmatar high sec systems of security status 5.

Last time I had a high sec POS I purchased the corp (Razor Technologies) from someone who had the standings himself for 150 million. So in one way I'm saving myself a lot of ISK and I'll have the standings in the future to use again (as long as I don't blow it running missions for Caldari or Amarr). I set up the tower in Gulfonodi last time as that was my home system and it seemed like a nice quiet area.

However there were problems. The factories in Gulfonodi and neighbouring high sec systems Teonusude and Gelfiven were in stations in high demand for office space so rents were in the multiple millions of ISK per month. I found a cheaper solution in a system four jumps away called Gerek but it was in Hiematar region instead of Molden Heath which means I could not remotely manage the factories and the labs at the same time. Not deal breaking but annoying enough to make me consider other options.

The system I want to anchor my new POS in has to meet the following requirements:
1) Security Status of 5 in the Minmatar Republic space;
2) Available moons to anchor at;
3) Station with reasonable office rental fee;
4) If station in system does not have factories, then a nearby system (i.e. within 5 jumps) has a station with reasonable rental fees and within the same region;
5) No more than 10 jumps to Rens.

That cuts down the options considerably. However there are some possibilities and I'm going to check them out with Derranna when I get a chance.


  1. Anonymous8:59 pm

    I haven't any idea what the moon situation is, but I was housed in Lustrevik for quite a while. That whole area in the northern bit of Heimatar didn't suck too bad: Eystur, Vullat, etc.

    Isendeldik, Lustrevik, and Loguttur have a pile of moons if I'm reading my maps booky correctly.

    Let me know where you wind up. Daddy could always use a spare lab now and again.

  2. Anonymous4:28 am

    Good luck with it, I have no idea about POSs and the black magic that makes them work!

  3. Anonymous11:08 am

    I have started an industrial alt recently and have been researching what it would take to put a hi sec POS, so if you don' mind, I have a few questions.

    With all of the small merc corps that do nothing but go around war decking small industrial/mining corps, how safe is it put up a POS in hi sec?

    What do you think your all in cost would be for a small tower, armaments, labs etc?

    Also, if your using a small minnie tower, is 40MM monthly cost for maintaining a reasonable estimate?

    Thanks for any info you might have.

  4. Anon:

    Re merc corps: Its not really worthwhile for a corp to expend the isk to war dec you and take down your pos most times. And since high sec prohibits dreadnoughts, the amount of time and firepower required is extensive. Unless someone really wants you to suffer or wants that moon, you're pretty safe.

    In any case, you have 24 hours before fighting starts in a war declaration situation, allowing you to either buff defenses or remove the entire thing.

    As for costs, a basic small tower is about 80 mil, and a standard laboratory is also around 80 mil. My old high sec tower had 3 labs so the equipment cost 320 million all told. I didn't bother with weapons in high sec.

    Monthly fuel costs for a small high sec tower runs around 50-60 million. Download this program here to get an idea: