Monday, July 21, 2008

Opinion: No To Caldari Drone Boat

This thread on the Eve Online forums caught my interest. Basically a pilot was whining that Caldari have no reason to train for Tech II heavy drones because they don't have a ship with a decent drone bay until you get to the Carrier. In fact, he goes on to add, they are the only race with this deficiency.

O rly?

- Armageddon - Drone bay and bandwidth support 5 heavy drones

- Typhoon - 5 heavy drones and room for spares
- Maelstrom - 4 heavy drones

The suggestion then goes on to be that the Scorpion (or perhaps the Ferox) should get a drone bay and bandwidth boost to at least 100 each so that 4 heavy drones is a possibility.

As much as I would love a boost to either of those ships, I feel it is not necessary since Fighters do not require Tech II heavy drones. Both the Ferox and Scorpion have their uses (albeit not super flexible) and making either a drone boat without serious nerfage in other attributes means they have the potential to be overpowered (the Scorpion as a jamming ship with incredible DPS and the Ferox as just an incredible DPS ship with blasters).

Now, if the Ferox got a 50m3 drone bay and bandwidth to match I think that would be fine. As for the Scorpion, if you reduced its ECM bonuses (or removed one) and added a 100-125m3 drone bay, that might be ok. But personally I think its a problem that doesn't need a solution.

UPDATE: Thinking about it some more, I'm having second thoughts about the Scorpion as a drone boat inline with the Armageddon or Typhoon. It might give it a better role in PvP as a jamming and mild DPS ship.

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