Monday, July 21, 2008


I can easily bang off level 1 Factional Warfare complexes using my trusty Destroyer, but Level IIs have proven more problematic.

The Harpy I have setup is able to tank the damage alright but doesn't throw out enough DPS to kill the rats fast enough and as the waves pile up I can't get on top of it. The Vexor also had problems with killing the rats fast enough, but at least I had an excuse with that ship: it was decked out as a nano-pvp fit and not optimized for lots of weaker rats.

I decided to have another go with the Vexor. Why? Well, I really like the concept of a drone ship and if I can get the Vexor to work well for me, there is hope that the larger Myrmidon (which I love the look of) might work out for me as well.

So, back to the drawing board. First off I tossed out the concept of the Tech I nano-Vexor. While decent for inexpensive PvP, I'm working the PvE angle right now and need a ship setup for that type of combat. I followed the initial design of the Cormorant in level 1s which is enough buffer to absorb the incoming damage while my weapons thin the herd. So a 1600mm Rolled Tungsten plate was first in the ship (Tech II give same bonus but with more downsides). After that I put on an EM and Thermal Tech II Hardener as that is the main damage types of Amarr Navy rats and their lasers.

For the mid slots, a 10mn II afterburner to give a speed boost and a Tech II Tracking Computer for the railguns going in the high slots. To be specific, four Dual 150mm Railgun IIs which will give lots of tracking for small ships and a decent DPS addition to help out the drones. In order to fit it all and keep it all running permamently, a Power Diagnostic II in the last low slot and a Cap Recharger II in the last mid slot. That way I can run my weapons, afterburner, tracking computer, and two hardeners without ever running out of capacitor energy.

For drones I was originally using a flight that consisted of 2 x Ogres, 2 x Hammerhead IIs, and 1 x Hornet II. But there were two problems. The first is that the best damage type against Amarr is Explosive and that means Minmatar drones and the second was that the Ogres were too slow getting to targets all the time. Plus I can't use Tech II heavy drones yet. So I opted instead for two flights of drones, one consisting of 5 x Valkryies IIs for cruisers and one of 5 x Warrior IIs for frigates. The loss in DPS is made up for by the higher tech drones and the faster speed at getting to targets.

For the last high slot, a tractor beam for checking out wrecks between waves. When I have a chance I'll give it a try and see how it works out.

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