Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rare Weekend Post! OMG!

Just a quick post about my efforts in Eve Factional Warfare.

Yesterday I completed a few minor complexes to get to 1.97 standing with Tribal Liberation Force, just 0.03 short of my next promotion. While gaining standing for the first promotion was giving me 3% per complex, this new rank was only giving me 2.09 per complex.

Tonight I got another complex and was promoted to Spear Lieutenant! Image forthcoming. The other side of the coin for the lower rewards from complex capturing was that the Minmatar faction gain for this promotion was higher than last time, over 8%! So instead of two more promotions to reach 5 standing only one more should do it (assuming the pattern continues). Unfortuately, it looks like I'll need about 8-10 more complex captures to do it! Sigh. I guess it all balances in the end.

Tonight I tried to run a level 2 complex by myself but my Tech I nano-pvp Vexor couldn't kill the rats fast enough and the PvE Harpy I had also was too slow killing the rats. Grrr. So I'm going to go back to base this week and reconfigure some ships for better performances like I'm getting from the Cormorant Destroyer in level 1s. Need to keep my options open and running the odd level 2 would help.

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