Friday, June 20, 2008

Ok Then, Its Decided

While looking through Eve MON last night for a skill that would be about three hours long and prevent my Drones V skill from ending early this morning, I saw Cloaking II was a perfect fit. This proceeded to lead into a brain wave.

Cloaking II leads to Covert Ops Cloak at Cloaking IV.

Covert Ops Cloak is used on Covert Ops Frigate.

Covert Ops Frigate can use Covert Cynosaural Field Generator.

Covert Cyno Gen is what makes Black Ops Battleships really cool.

Kirith will someday be able to fly the Widow Black Ops Battleship.

So I made a plan to get Derranna trained up to use a Covert Cyno Gen on a Covert Ops Frigate with a Covert Ops Cloak.

Skill plan for Derranna Elkadar
1. Minmatar Frigate IV
2. Minmatar Frigate V
3. Covert Ops I
4. Cloaking III
5. Cloaking IV
6. Cynosural Field Theory V

Total plan length is only 36+ days which when compared the Carrier training Kirith has been doing is almost nothing.

Of course, now that Derranna is going for a Tech II frigate, that will open the door to all the other Tech II Minmatar frigates like the Wolf and Jaguar, Hyena, Hound, Claw and Stilleto... More reasons to consider training Derranna up to a little combat.

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