Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Logged In!

I got a rare chance to log in and play for a bit, so I immeidately took my ultra cheap Tech 1 fitted Vexor into the warzone (after a short stop in Anher only to discover its not part of the warzone at all) and warped to a planet in Evati and did a scan. Four hits! I warped to one and was able to enter a factional warfare complex guarded by Republic Fleet NPC ships. Exciting!

I proceeded to go within 20km of the bunker and started the timer to caputre the complex, 15 minutes in this case. I carefully watched the overview, local, and chat channel for signs of incoming trouble but saw no one in my little effort. After 15 minutes I had captured the bunker and was told that "the Republic government will not reward you for taking a complex in an uncontested system."


I laughed to myself as it makes sense, defending a system not in need of defense. Still it was good experience to see the mechanics in play and I feel ready to tackle a system actually in need of defending next time.

EDIT: I wrote this post last week but forgot to publish it. Assume you read it Thursday or Friday. Thanks!

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