Monday, May 12, 2008

Skill Training - What Next

Every once in a while I have an existential shift and change my long term skill training plan. Moods change, stars realign, I get bored and fire up Eve Mon, whatever. Well, now that I'm slowly getting back into the groove, its time to analyze my skill plans again.

Kirith is still 57 days from sitting in his Chimera and I have no intention of taking a break from that task now that the longest skill in that plan, Caldari Battleship V, is 65% complete. Once I get to July 8th I'll probably train some misc skills on the back burner before continuing on improving the Chimera and going for Tech II heavy drones (finally) and Fighters.

Derranna is another kettle of fish altogether. Her major project, the Nomad Jump Freighter, is completing in a week. I could train some skills to level V for a bit more performance, but for all intents and purposes the ship has good range (10 light years) and reasonable fuel mileage (973 isotopes/light year) and I really don't feel like training another 36 day skill.

So what next for her?

Well, she is going to spend a couple weeks on secondary skills. Drones for one thing, more factory slots for another. Then after that she is going to improve her Anchoring skill up to level V and perhaps even Starbase Defence Management for more POS fun.

After that I'm tempted to train her up as an Alliance creator character. That skill plan takes to August right now. We'll see if I change my mind before then.

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  1. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Your knack for foresight is ... irritating.

    I can't keep on a plan for more than a week.

    I guess I need more ... direction.