Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Baaaaacccccckkkkk!!!!!!!

Fatherhood rocks. Nuff said.

Back in New Eden...

Despite not having much time over the past few weeks, I have managed to log in here and there and do some minor stuff. A few jumps with the Nomad to move stuff around, running research jobs for the corp, and generally minor market stuff. Its hard to do much when you get 20 minutes at a time at most.

Our corp was war dec'd a couple weeks back. Apparently one of our newer members brought some baggage with him in the form of some grumpy ex-corp mates and they declared war on us as a plan of annoyance. The first part of the war was quiet as they were offline but they are coming on now and starting to hunt us. This will be a big test of our corp and its unfortunate I'm so offline that I can't help a whole lot except keeping the industrial fires burning.

During my time off where I didn't log in for a week, Razor Technologies was also war dec'd and my offline small tower destroyed in Gulfonodi. I'm a little pissed but it was only a tower with no other structures and it wasn't even faction so I'm not overly distraught. And I'm confident I have the wherewithal to run a tower in low sec by myself now with the fuelling problems I had last year.

In Skill Training news, Kirith is still chipping away at Caldari Battleship V, now with only 12 days and 18 hours left, and only 57 days from the Chimera carrier itself.

Derranna has completed Jump Drive Calibration IV, Jump Fuel Conservation IV, and is a week from completing Jump Freighters IV which will mark the end of her training in that regard. Her next project will probably be mining skills starting with drones and then working towards a Hulk Exhumer, as well as training up Advanced Mass Production for the ability to control more factory slots. And if I get ambitious, I might train up for the Rorqual.

On a final note, I'm stoked to hear that Factional Warfare is coming this summer and I am very tempted to check it out. A hybrid system of combining PvE and PvP would be welcome at this point since real PvP requires a certain amount of time I don't find available to me at the moment. We shall see.

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