Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scorpion Versus Falcon/Rook

In order to safely move some fuel around, I had Korannon jump out of Strife and he ended up in Deep Core Mining NPC corp. This is a catch-all corp for certain types of Caldari players (determined by your starting choices) who quit their player corps without going to a new player corp. Some people spend years in this or other similar NPC corporations while others spend mere hours.

While in the DCM the corp chat was working away and the topic turned to Scorpion setups. I proclaimed in a huffy voice: "Ninety percent of the time the Falcon or Rook is far superior to the Scorpion." And: "The only time the Scorpion is if you have to tank sentry guns."

Others took exception to my hardline stance on the tier 1 Caldari battleship and proceeded to point out situations where the Scorpion is as good or better than the Falcon/Rook.

- With more mid slots, it has the possibility of running some ECCM along with the ECM to frustrate enemy jammers in return.

- In a remote-repping battleship gang (aka Gestalt Gang) the Scorpion would actually benefit from remote repairing while a cruiser hull would be a wreck far too soon. Not to mention the Scorpion can use large remote repairers whereas the Falcon cannot.

So I accede the point that there are more uses for a Scorpion then just straight up low sec gate camping. Mea culpa.

But someone pointed out that the Scorpion is cheaper. I countered with three salient points: its also slower to move, slower to lock, and bigger target than the Rook and Falcon. And the Falcon has cloaking abilities second to none. For a price tag a mere ~20-30% more.

I'll take a Falcon any day of the week. Speed and mobility and flexibility are more valuable to me and my play style.

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