Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Contingency Plans

I posted yesterday how our corp, Strife Mercenaries, is going on hiatus for a few months. A few of us are staying in the corp but the bulk of the leadership including our visionary CEO and best PvP pilots are all going to be on leave.

The theory is that everyone comes back in the fall rested and recharged and ready to make the corp work again. But what if that doesn't happen? Enter the contingency plan.

I usually prefer to be the right hand man to a CEO because my strengths lie in organization and planning. Someone else comes up with the objectives, I present the best way to accomplish them and see it done.

But I've been watching and learning from my time in Eve, and making notes on what it takes to be a good leader:
- Vision of what the corp is going to aim for;
- Choosing good advisors and listening to them and trusting them to help you;
- Ability to make decisions based on the information and counsel even if it means disappointing some people; and
- Diplomatic not only with possible allies and enemies but your own pilots.

Our current CEO has these qualities but needs a break. If he doesn't come back and if the corp leadership doesn't reconvene in the fall I'm going to make a move to take over Strife and use it as one of the pillars of my grand plan, a new alliance completely owned and operated by me.

The vision: an empire based alliance that aligns with the Minmatar and/or Gallente faction for the upcoming Factional Warfare. PvP and missions combined. Screw 0.0 space for now until the corp/alliance is large enough and coherent enough to take and hold good space worth moving to 0.0 for.

I believe I have the other skills to do this (although it will mean forcing myself to trust others to do things that I usually do myself) and now I have the vision that was lacking.

To this end I created a new corp last night with my alt CEO Korannon and called it Insisto Oblivum which is tortured Latin meaning "To Make Destroyed" or "to force things into oblivion". It will be the alliance holding corp if Strife does not revive, and there will be two other main corps: Razor Technologies out of the mothballs to be the industrial / research arm and Strife Mercenaries to be the military arm. This will allow me to safely keep the BPOs and POSes at arm's length from the masses in the military wing as only trusted industrialists will be invited to Razor.

In order to make this alliance Derranna will do training for the alliance creation skills which is a good skill to have regardless.

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