Friday, April 18, 2008

Operation Successful

The operation to setup our corporate POS in our new low sec base of operations was a complete success with the tower going up and one month of fuel installed along with several batteries for defense. (The exact details are corporate secrets ;) )

I had an escort in the form of Kirith in Rifter frigate, corpmate Luccul in a Rifter as well, and corpmate Mushi in a Minmatar Hyena Electrontic Attack Ship. There was no hostile activity although local population did go up a few pilots when the tower was halfway through the onlining process and made me very nervous.

With the tower up, I now have to work on getting the rest of the structures anchored and online before next Thursday. Why? Well my wonderful wife (in real life) is pregnant with twins and is going to give birth on the 24th, hence my playing time will be massively curtailed and a couple week layoff is certain (with a longer layoff likely).

Fortunately, I have a good corp to back me up during the break and I'm confident I'll come back to a solid situation.

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